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Will the Government End Australian Online Gambling?

Recent proposals to block online casino sites so that those who are based in Australia would no longer be able to play online pokies and other cash games have sent a chill down the backs of responsible citizens in Australia who would choose to play at these online casino sites. While purpose behind the legislation seems reasonable, to block minors from accidentally stumbling on to inappropriate websites, the solution goes to far and restricts the rights of those who want to be able to make up their own mind. After all, there is a huge difference between a teenager finding online casino games and a mature adult who just wants to play some online pokies. With Australian online gambling becoming such a huge business, this issue will have a real impact. Legitimate sites like All Slots casino should not be blocked to those who want to play online casino games.. However, for those living in Australia who are concerned about the development, there is an alternative.

An Optional Australian Online Gambling Filter

Instead of using filters to block anyone with an Australia IP address from accessing All Slots casino and every other online pokies site, why not use the alternative proposal for an optional filter. Every ISP would be required to ask its customers if they would like to block certain types of sites. Instead of blocking all pornographic and online casino sites, adults could choose which sites they would like blocked to their own computers. If someone was worried about their child accessing in inappropriate site, this solution would work. What makes it a better solution is that the filter could be customized. There may be many people who do not want access to pornographic sites but would like to access Australian online gambling sites. Why not support this proposal which allows those who are old enough and desire it to play online pokies and other online casino games at websites like All Slots. This is better than simply blocking everyone who lives in Australia from accessing all online casino sites.

Decisions on Australian Online Gambling Expected Soon

There should be a resolution of the Australian online gambling issue soon. The Greens are pushing the local ISP filter concept. This is the proposal that would allow users to choose what type of sites they would have access to. Certainly, fans of online pokies and All Slots casino would appreciate this rather than the dreaded all out ban on Australian online gambling. At any rate, those who live in Australia should soon find out whether they can still play their favorite online pokies for real cash.