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The Casino Bonus Guide?

You need a clear casino bonus guide, so that you can understand the different types of bonuses that are available online.

Match Bonus: typically offered by online casinos and seem to be the most common type of bonus. The risk can be moderated when it comes to giving out free money; this is why online casinos favour them. In order to receive money a player must first make a deposit. The free money is a matched percentage pay by phone live casino list according to PayByPhoneGambler of the deposit that the player has made.

No Deposit Bonus: a player can start playing for real money immediately as the player is not asked to make a deposit before hand. This particular kind of bonus is not offered freely and often, as the risk to the casino is quite high. The risk to the casino is balanced by attaching strict wagering requirements to the bonus.

Weekly/Monthly Bonuses: online casinos can show their generosity by letting player’s cash in on a weekly or monthly bonus. You receive a certain amount in a percentage and are only able to claim the bonus at the casinos indicated time.

High Roller Bonus: offered when a player is willing to give more money on the first deposit. The size of the bonus and the amount you are suitable for will depend on the type of promotion that the casino is offering.

Refer a Friend Bonus: when you as a player refer a friend of yours that is not already an existing player at the casino, you can qualify for a bonus. Free casino credits are the general bonus that can be received. These are deposited directly into your online account. The friend will have to make a deposit when signing up.

These are just of the few of the casino bonuses but you also refer a loyalty rewards bonuses, feature promotions and banking bonuses. The bonuses that you can access will differ on different online sites. It is good idea to first read a casino rules and terms before you commit to anything.